Friday, May 29, 2009

Plants guaranteed not to die.

We are finally entering what looks like a real summer with warm weather and everything. For many of us it signifies the time to get our hand in the dirt and start planting those lovely blooming plants, however there are those of us that just don't have the time or the talent to keep those little flower pots in good blooming order for the entire summer.
We at WIND RIVER SILKS have an option for you!

A variety of silk floral arrangements to spruce up the house in anticipation of Company coming to visit.
Bring the outdoors inside to really add that fresh look after the long winter.

Hanging baskets that need no watering and will look fresh for several years without the hassel of endless care during the summer. These are great for those of you that take vacations out of town or to the local river to fish.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Greetings from Wind River Silks

    The time has finally arrived when I feel that I have enough of a handle on internet savvy information that I wanted to share with you all that is new and inspirational for enhancing your surroundings since we get to enjoy the lengthy winter time doldrums for at least a few more months.
What I will be offering in this blog is a chance for you to preview what has recently arrived at the Wind River Silks Showroom in
 the University Center Mall.  You know, just to save you a bit of gas and travel time.  But please 
take my advise and make a quick trip into the store to enjoy the taste of Spring....long 
before it arrives outside!  I think you will have that "Ah Ha" moment just stepping in through the front doors.  The sights, smells and sound will inspire you to walk the showroom with a smile on our face. Then you can head on home or back to the office and make even the smallest of decor changes to help you endure the last of the winter.
          FUN NEW LAMPS

We have 
rustic bear lamps. And just in time for Spring we have
 added bunny lamps 

So check back later for more of What's New At Wind River Silks

Wind River Silks